Presentation Guidelines

• Oral presentations needs to include a short time for questions and discussion.
• Half day prior to their scheduled presentation, all speakers are required to deliver to the Slide Point their PowerPoint file using a pen drive. Available presentations system supports Microsoft Windows PowerPoint and screen resolution 16:9. If the presentation includes any video, the required file format is "avi".

Poster Guidelines

• The dimensions of each poster should not exceed 90 cm width x 110 cm height.
• Presenting participants are asked to be in attendance at the poster for the Poster Session scheduled on Friday 27th of October and Saturday 28th of October according to the planning below (please remove the poster at the end of your session).
• Each poster will be numbered as indicated in the book of abstract (available soon).
• A corresponding poster board will be provided in the display area for each presentation.

• The poster should be stuck to the board with the provided material.


Poster Session on Friday 27th October
P1 - Cilli Eduardo M.: Capacitive Peptide Interfaces for Electroanalytical Applications
P2 - Errante FoscaNext-generation silk-based materials for tissue regeneration: a peptide functionalization of degummed silk fibroin fibers
P3 - Fenude EmmaSelf-assembly as a molecular strategy of improve adsorbents of pollutants in water
P4 - Florio DanieleExploring protein regions prone to amyloid aggregation: a key pathway for biomaterial development
P5 - Gallo EnricoPeptide-based hydrogels and nanogels for delivery of Dexamethasone
P6 - Monasson OlivierNovel biocompatible alloys via peptides surface engineering
P7 - Peroni ElisaBioadhesive and biocompatible polysaccharide-peptide hybrid IPN as a promising scaffold for biomedical application
P8 - Quintana Romero Dulce Alitzel :Synthesis of peptidomimetics using Diaryl-β amino acids for the preparation of smart materials
P9 - Renzi EmiliaSanidrink: an innovative strategy toward the development of antimicrobial surfaces

Poster Session on Saturday 28th October  

P10 - Copolovici Lucian : Antimicrobial peptides with applications in medicine
P11 - Fenude Emma : Molecular basis for the changes in the assembly structures of bioactive peptides
P12 - Ferreira Priscila : Study of lipopeptide doping in DPPC monolayer for PNG detection in water
P13 - Hu Kaiyue : Tailored Graphene Nanoparticles-Peptide conjugates for Drug-Delivery
P14 - Lucignano Rosanna : Design and engineering of sweet proteins for biotechnological applications
P15 - Pappalardo Giuseppe : Functional cryogles for ABeta detection
P16 - Rosa Elisabetta : Lipopeptides-based nanoformulations for tissue engineering applications
P17 - Utterström Johanna : Supramolecular Peptide-Folding Mediated Interactions for Tuning Lipid Vesicle Permeability